Why and how to Apply Loose Face Powder?

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Why and how to Apply loose face powder?

While different people's looks often demand varied types of makeup, some cosmetic elements are classic and can be used by everyone regardless of their age, skin type or fashion. Whatever your style, loose face powder is a critical thing to have in your bag of makeup tricks. 
  • For people who wear foundation, loose powder can be used to set the foundation, making it last longer. In addition to adding longevity, the powder adds a nice matte finish to the face.
  • If you have normal or dry skin, apply a light dusting of loose face powder as soon as you have put on your foundation. Use a large, fluffy powder brush with natural bristles to lightly spread a thin layer of the powder. Brush away any visible deposits of excess powder.
  • If you have oily skin and wear foundation, try applying a very light dusting of loose powder on your clean face before you apply your foundation. Then, apply foundation and top with another layer of powder. Using the powder in this way will help absorb extra oil and keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. 
  • Even women with normal skin may find this technique helpful during hot and humid weather. Use your brush to lightly blend your powder down onto your neck and shoulders if you are wearing a strapless top; this keeps your skin tone looking consistent and makes your exposed skin all more polished in appearance. 
  • Powder will also help preserve your color applications. Once you have applied blush and eye shadow, brush a light layer of powder over your cheeks and lids. The powder helps prevent the color from wearing off or fading. A transparent powder is best for this purpose as it does not mute the color as much as a skin-toned formulation. For extremely vivid color, apply a dusting of powder, then a layer of eye shadow to the lid. Then combine some shadow and a little loose powder on your eye shadow brush; brush the combination onto your lids. 
  • Dust a little powder on your lips before you apply lipstick or lip pencil. An application of powder will improve the staying power of your lip color. 

  • Modern loose powder comes in a variety of formulations. An application of face powder can be used to smooth the skin's finish. It can fill in small lines and mask small imperfections.
  • For women who prefer not to wear foundation, loose powder can be used to smooth out skin tone and add color or highlight to the face.Women of any skin type can use powder with a flesh- toned pigment for light coverage.
  • Use a color correcting loose powder to adjust and even out skin tone. A powder with a greenish cast can counteract an overly rosy complexion and a lavender-hued powder will even adjust sallow-toned skin.
  • Shimmering loose powder can be used all-over the face, neck and shoulders for an evening look, or as a highlighting accent for less formal occasions. Shimmering powders are available in bronzes for a healthy summer look, pinks, peaches, whites and metallics for special occasions. Shimmering powder can also be used as a sheer blush or eye shadow.

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