How to Pose in front of the camera?

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A pose can make or break the photo. It's important to know one's body and the angles at which it looks best. Mirror and sample photoshoot can show you what poses are the best and which must be avoided. But it doesn't mean you can't improvise and use the same old poses each shoot. It's all up to your fantasy and confidence.

Figure Out Your Best Angles
Posing for a photo is not hard when you know your best angles and poses. These are easy to figure out. Pose in front of the mirror and see what poses make you look great and which ones you should avoid. For better picture take a couple of sample photos at home. Ask a friend for advice if not sure on posing.

Don’ts of Photo Posing
  • Don’t shoot yourself as it restricts your possibilities for posing and makes the nose look bigger than it is.
  • Don’t just stand there with your hands hanging in front of the camera. Watch your posture. Put your hands in pockets and it’s already more interesting.
  • Don’t strike poses in a photoshoot you haven’t tried before the mirror or in sample photos. They might look awkward and unnatural.
  •  Do something with the hands – put them at your hips, play with your hair, take a prop.
  • Do use props for a more dramatic effect in a photoshoot. These might also suit a more casual shoot, just pick something simple like a flower or a scarf.
  • Do act natural and use poses in which you feel calm and relaxed.
  • Some of the best poses include those in which you can relax and feel natural and cool. The classic portrait photos include a look across one shoulder and the one when the camera is pointed a little bit down but you can make up your own portrait poses. A look to the side, hair as a prop, hand to the face and so on.
  • Models and celebs often use certain poses to highlight the part of their figure or height. The hands at your hips lifts the bust and shows of the arms, posing sideways will shows off the back. There are many poses that will make you look your best. If you can or love dance you can try some moves as a photo pose. These can make you look very graceful. Listen to your body to create a new pose in which it will feel and look great.

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