FoundatIon Tips - Selecting Colors and Blending

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Tips for Applying Foundation
• Always moisturize before applying foundation or base. It makes it flow smoothly over the skin for a more even and well blended appearance.

• Be sure to select the proper foundation. Test foundation along your jaw line. It should blend easily into your natural skin tone. You might find you need a slightly darker shade of makeup for summer.

• Depending on how much coverage you want, Use cream or long-wearing foundations for heavier coverage or use lotions or tinted moisturizers for lighter coverage.

• Start by applying foundation to your forehead being sure to blend carefully around the hair line. Follow with your nose, checks and jaw line. Be sure to blend the jaw line smooth so you don't have a line showing. The best way to assure this is by using a make-up wedge.

• Follow with a good pressed powder to seal in the coverage.
Choosing Colors and Blending Tips
• Apply two shades of foundation to your face, a lighter on your whole face, and then a darker shade on your cheekbones to make your cheekbones look higher.

• If your face's natural color is light, avoid any dark foundation color.

• Shade the border between your face and neck until it’s invisible. Follow with Your favorite loose or pressed powder (translucent loose powder for normalto- oily skin and pressed powder for normal-to-dry skin).

• Brighten up your face--For a natural, subtle, and flush of color reach for bronzing powder with a large, fluffy brush and dust a light layer on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
• Get rid of laugh lines--Use a concealer pencil and draw three horizontal lines (like cat whiskers) next to the corner of your mouth. Sponge blend in an upward direction for an instant lift.

• Ultra sheer foundation--Mix your foundation and a moisturizer together for a light foundation. You can also use a dampened cosmetic sponge for the sheerest, most natural look.
• Plump up sunken cheeks--Apply a lighter shade of foundation or highlighter to the hollows of your cheeks.


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