Natural Makeup Tips

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Beauty is one of the greatest gifts of a woman, and there is one thing, which can help to improve it-make up. It may be of different kinds. But when it comes to natural makeup, “less is more” is the golden rule for it. I’ d like to present you a few make up tips for giving your look some distinctness without looking like you tried too hard.

You should start with a base to balance color of your skin and neutralize any redness you may have in the area under eyes.

Then apply foundation. Normally, there shouldn’t be any difference between the color of foundation and your complexion. That’s why you should test it. Use your fingers to apply foundation, but a moisturizing cream shouldn’t be applied before it. Also you shouldn’t rub foundation into your skin.

Better if you start applying makeup from the top part of your face. It would be more natural if you won’t apply eye shadows at all, but if you decide to use it anyway, you should choose pastel shades (beige, peach or bone color, depending your complexion) of two different tinges. Apply the lighter shade on the whole eyelid? And then use the darker one to set the outer corner off. Then use mascara, it would be better to use lengthening or twisting one, but not volume in order not to weight.

Then apply blush, starting from the most prominent part of your cheekbones moving towards the temples. Better to use a blush with a creamy texture as it suggests a more natural look than the compact one. Brush should be used parallel, but not perpendicularly to avoid uneven putting.
If to speak of lips natural shades for the lip liner, like beige or pale pink, are the best choices. As for the lipstick, better to choose matte colors.

Some more tricks for the best natural makeup

People with a fair complexion should use peach or pale pink makeup colors. But if you are an olive skin proprietress, cream and beige are the most appropriate colors for you.
Use the concealer in order to hide skin imperfections.
If you want to get an ideal natural look, your lips should look healthy. Therefore, exfoliate and moisturize them, at least one time a week.

Natural makeup is very easy to achieve with appropriate makeup products and practicing. Don’t stop trying; and achieving this look will become absolutely unstrained!

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