Anti Ageing Foods

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Anti Ageing Foods

Scientists have proven there is a definite correlation between what you eat and how it affects your skin and outward appearance. Recent research has established that well nourished skin will result in less eye wrinkles, sagging eyelid and remove need for eye lifting. Now before you think to yourself it's too late I already have the wrinkles, you need to remember that that our body is a pretty amazing machine and it has a lot of tools to repair itself when you give it a bit of help.
There are a number of foods that have been identified as having a lot of potential in helping your body and skin to repair itself and hold the eye wrinkles, sagging eyelid and need for eye lifting at bay, all it takes from you are a few changes to your diet and the determination to persist.

Anti-Aging Foods

Fish - in particular fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna, trout and mackerel which contain lots of protein. These fish also contain essential fatty acids and omega 3 which are well known to nourish and plump up the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Cocoa - this one might be a bit of a surprise, but it really is good for you. Cocoa contains flavonoids which are antioxidants that can boost your circulation, improve your skin with more hydration and help prevent damage excessive sun damage.

Soy - contains a lot of antioxidants which help to repair the skin particularly from the effects of aging and sun damage. Soy products are also full of amino acids which are another aid to your body in repairing damaged skin. You can also apply soybean oil to your skin topically to provide essential nourishment and moisture.

Fruit and vegetables - many of these contain antioxidants that work to combat aging. However, you will find goji berries which are full of vitamin C and linoleic, flaxseeds which contain omega 3, beetroot has anthocyanins to help with collagen production, prunes are full of antioxidants, carrots and sweet potatoes have lots of beta carotene which turns to Vitamin A in the body and is very good for your skin. Legumes and beans help your body to produce hyaluronic acid which is very beneficial in smoothing out and plumping up your skin.

Last but not least eat plenty of tomatoes these are full of antioxidants and lycopene, which has been proven to be more effective than Vitamin E in protecting your skin when exposed to the sun.
Eating the right foods can save you a lot of money when you don't have to spend on dark circles eye cream, expensive eye wrinkles treatment or even radical eye lifting surgery

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