Learn How To Apply False Eyelashes With These 5 Easy Steps

5:35 pm

False eyelashes can add a sparkle to your eyes and are perfect, if you want to carry off a sensual look on a formal evening. But do you all know how to apply false eyelashes perfectly? Or are you still making the same silly mistakes and getting it all wrong? Here we help you put all the confusion aside and show you easy steps on how to apply false eyelashes. Let your eyes do the talking now, ladies.

Step 1: Make sure you have all the needed makeup tools

No makeup technique is complete without proper accessories and makeup tools to make it happen. To learn how to apply false eyelashes, you will need a set of false eyelashes, lash glue, a lash curler, mascara and a fine lash comb. Are you ready to learn how to apply false eyelashes?

Step 2: Get your facial makeup done first

Do you apply makeup before or after your apply false eyelashes? If you said ‘after’, you are doing it wrong. Step 2 of how to apply false eyelashes for beautiful eyes involves putting on all your makeup before you put on those false eyelashes. Just leave the mascara for the end.

Step 3: Curl your eyelashes and apply lash glue to the false eyelashes

If you asked us what was the most important step in how to apply false eyelashes, this would be it. So listen carefully, friends. The trick to making lash glue work perfectly is to apply it on the band of the false eyelashes and leave it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Make sure you apply only a thin layer. While you wait for the glue to become sticky, quickly clean your eyelashes with a lash curler.


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