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“Shy and embarrased to put on bikinis due to back acnes?”

“Is back acne driving you mad? "

“Are you sick and tired of back acne”

We know how it feels!

There's nothing more soul-destroying than watching your BFF showing off their backs in sexy low back dresses / bikinis but you can’t!

Back acne would happen on everybody - Male, female (even some goddess are having this issue too), teenagers.

Stay calm, we would like to share you several ways on how to cure back acne. Here’s the few tips that might help:

1.Put on cool clothes and pad on cooling / soothing powder on your back. Frequent in changing clean clothes if you do sweat a lot.

2.Take a shower immediately after vigorous activities / exercising or wipe sweats using towels (make sure they made of cotton kay? hehe)

3.Avoid carrying back packs which results to sweat and it might become breeding playground for bacterias to rock their party! (It’s not funny, but true!)

4.Consult a dermatologist (dahh, skin doctor).

5.Using tea tree oil - This will heal and dry up back acne two times faster.

6. Use specific, defined, anti-bacterial cleansers or soap that are designed for facial acne or back acne. Please avoid using normal soap, as it might not help in solving your problem.

Pelican For Back Medicated Soap -  As the name suggests, it allows you to reduce the back acne with ease.

Our customers loved it and it making sure you look perfect in any summer wear!

So don't wait. Grab yourself a Pelican For Back MedicatedSoap here while you're thinking about it.

Don't you think you've struggled with your back acne long enough?

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