How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally

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There is nothing more alluring about women’s look than natural long and thick eyelashes. Mascara and fake lashes can surely make your eyelashes look longer, besides, various cosmetic products promise to grow your lashes long. But if you’d like to make your eyelashes grow naturally try the following tips.

Tips for Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

To make your eyelashes look long and thick you should first of all take proper care of eyelashes.
Must-follow rule here is to take off mascara every time before you go to bed. And when it comes to growing lashes longer one can’t do without proper nourishing remedies.

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1) I'amour Eyelash Growth Serum 10ML 睫毛增长液
Vitamin E is another necessary ingredient to make your lashes grow naturally. Specialists recommend applying Vitamin E oil twice a day using a cotton swab. It is better to apply a bit of product in the morning before applying makeup, and in the evening just after washing your makeup off.

2) Vaseline Lip Therapy 
Vaseline Lip Therapy

Besides, An age-old, yet one of the most efficient tricks to make your eyelashes grow naturally is to apply olive oil or petroleum jelly (better known as Vaseline) to your lashes, leave it for a night and wash off in the morning.

Try these natural remedies to make your lashes grow naturally to find the one that suits you best. Results won’t come overnight, it may take weeks to see the difference, that’s why arm yourself with patients!

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