Tips To Long Enviable Legs

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Women have used clothes to correct their figures for years and now it's become even easier. Almost any imperfection can be hidden, corrected, and transformed into an asset. There are many ways of making your legs look longer.


Long enviable legs are certainly a nature’s gift but does it mean those who weren’t blessed with mile-long pins are doomed forever? NO WAY! There are many ways of making your legs look longer, thinner and more enviable. Certain style solutions can correct any figure and make you look fab, stylish and fashionable.
It’s all about the balance of figure, right style solutions and some little tricks every woman should know will give you long enviable legs you’ve been dreaming about. Remember that wearing the right clothes can fix any ‘imperfection’. Let’s see:

Towering Heels

Heels are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the long enviable legs. Heels can elongate your legs, make them look thinner and also make you taller. Be sure to avoid shoes with blunt tips. Rather opt for pointed shoes that make your legs nicely extend to the feet and not end them abruptly as in case with blunt shoes.
Towering heels can be extremely sexy but not very suitable for daily wear so think medium heel which is both functional and practical. It elongates the leg just as much as sky-high shoes do.


We’re talking about pantyhose and stockings here. Above knee socks that are hidden under the clothes can also do the trick. Pantyhose makes our legs look smoother and neater so you can use it to your advantage. Black opaque stockings and pantyhose make legs longer and slimmer. These look great with mini dresses and shorts. Pantyhose and heels are a great combination. Use it to make your legs long and enviable.

High-Waist + Mini Length

Mini shorts with high-waist are a hit of the season and it’s no wonder because if you look closely you’ll see that they add a few inches to your legs especially if you wear them with heels. In order to balance out the figure as high-waist can cut the torso opt for long tees and blouses.
You can also get away with high-waist trousers as well as they will visually make your legs look longer than they actually are.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are great for petite women who can boast a thin frame but who need a few inches to add to their height and make their legs look longer. Skinny jeans create thin lines that are visually elongating your legs making them appear thinner.

Colors and Prints

Monochrome color schemes are best when you want to appear thinner and taller. Vertical lines and details should also prevail in your outfits. Opt for pleats, crease and everything that makes a vertical line.


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