Products that Create "No Makeup" Makeup Look

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“No makeup” makeup look

Let’s admit it; we all want to achieve that “no makeup” makeup look at some point. It’s basically a makeup look that’s very natural, subtle and makes it look like you are not wearing any makeup. Now that may sound very easy to do, but it’s the simple things in life that are the hardest to achieve.
To make your life easier, we are going to talk all about how to achieve that “no makeup” makeup look. So, let’s get started!

Natural Rice Loose Powder

Sheer or light weight foundation

Start off this makeup look by cleaning your face. Since we are going for a “no makeup” look, you need a light weight or sheer foundation. There are plenty of them out there, but one that we would like to suggest is the Natural Rice Loose Powder. You can also use a good quality BB Cream if you want. Apply the foundation of BB cream with a damp beauty blender to achieve a dewy look.

Next, to hide all those blemishes and under eye circles; you need a good concealer. Apply it wherever needed and set that with a light weight foundation. A great option would be the Naturactor Cover Face Cream Foundation Concealer. It really works wonders on dark circles and blemishes.

A natural flush on the cheeks is what you are looking for the “no makeup” look. Go for a cream blush as it is easy to blend out and will create those natural looking cheeks. The Comcom Tips Cotton Swab Tint (20 Pieces) is a great product for those natural rosy cheeks.
You can totally skip your eye makeup for this look. Using double eyelid tapes would be a great option for the “no makeup” look since they help to create natural looking double eyelids. We have the best one available for you! The NandaFibre Double Eyelid Tape is something that we recommend to all of our readers.
Who needs mascara when you can simply apply false lashes, right? If you have the perfect subtle pair of false lashes, it will go amazingly well with the whole “no makeup” makeup look. You don’t want to wear eyelashes that look too fake because that would totally ruin your look. Our LashPOP False Eyelashes – Bebe (Innocent) would be the best fit for this look.
How can one forget about eyebrows? They pull your entire look together! Comb those brows and fill in the empty spots with a light hand. Don’t go too dramatic because that would ruin the whole look. Set everything together with a clear eyebrow gel or pencils. Mistine 3D Brows Secret would be a great option here.
Lastly, you need a natural looking lip color for your lips. The Saem Saemmul Wrapping Tint is a peel off lipgloss that leaves a tint behind. Plus, it’s long lasting!

And that’s it! Your “no makeup” makeup look is complete.

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