Draw Eyeshadow using Eyeshadow Stencils Templates

6:10 pm

Eyeshadow Stencils Templates - Contains 6 eyeshadow templates in different shapes, you may be able to create different eyeshadow looks every day to match your different makeup or #ootd :)
Lightweight and reusable!

How to Use: 

  1. Pick the Step 1 stencil and put on Light colour eye makeup shadow.
  2. Use Step 2 stencils and dab on middle tone eyeshadow 
  3. Dab darker eyeshadow colour using Step 3 stencils
  4. Pick on the Any of the Step 4 stencils to decide on the finished look you wish to achieve.
Eyeshadow Stencils Template comes in 6 pieces and available up in store now in ZENZENDREAM

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