Hands Soft like Princess - Miss Moter Matcha & Milk Hand Wax back in store now !

4:30 am


Do your both hands soft like #princesses?
How long didn't you taking care and pamper your fingers and hands? 
  • Regenerate skin cells & nourish the skin leaving your #hands hydrated and moisturized.
  • Soften and soothe skin, most often on the hands and feet, and sometimes on arms!

    May also use up to more than 30 times!
  • Allow your #hand and #foot hydrated and moisturised at all time!

Get the Matcha & Milk Hand Wax now in 200ml (huge in size!) HERE 

shop this story:

Miss Moter Matcha & Milk Hand Wax 200ml
All Day Cheese Hand Cream 50ml

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