Monday, 28 March 2016

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More NEW ARRIVALS this week:

Peripera Peri's Ink Moist Balm Set

The best selling colour: the Cutest Pink and Soul Burgundy! 
TONY MOLY Kiss Kiss Lip Care (Scrub)

Are your lips ready for best #kiss?


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Tips on How to Cure Back Acne - Pelican For Back Medicated Soap

“Shy and embarrased to put on bikinis due to back acnes?”

“Is back acne driving you mad? "

“Are you sick and tired of back acne”

We know how it feels!

There's nothing more soul-destroying than watching your BFF showing off their backs in sexy low back dresses / bikinis but you can’t!

Back acne would happen on everybody - Male, female (even some goddess are having this issue too), teenagers.

Stay calm, we would like to share you several ways on how to cure back acne. Here’s the few tips that might help:

1.Put on cool clothes and pad on cooling / soothing powder on your back. Frequent in changing clean clothes if you do sweat a lot.

2.Take a shower immediately after vigorous activities / exercising or wipe sweats using towels (make sure they made of cotton kay? hehe)

3.Avoid carrying back packs which results to sweat and it might become breeding playground for bacterias to rock their party! (It’s not funny, but true!)

4.Consult a dermatologist (dahh, skin doctor).

5.Using tea tree oil - This will heal and dry up back acne two times faster.

6. Use specific, defined, anti-bacterial cleansers or soap that are designed for facial acne or back acne. Please avoid using normal soap, as it might not help in solving your problem.

Pelican For Back Medicated Soap -  As the name suggests, it allows you to reduce the back acne with ease.

Our customers loved it and it making sure you look perfect in any summer wear!

So don't wait. Grab yourself a Pelican For Back MedicatedSoap here while you're thinking about it.

Don't you think you've struggled with your back acne long enough?

Shop The Story:

Pelican For Back Medicated Soap 135g
Bye Bye Blemish Drying Lotion

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Deal Alert: 20% OFF on all products in ZENZENDREAM


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2-in-1 Skin Barista Secret Whitening Cream 50ml

No more dark and dull skin - Get Whiter Skin Instantly! 2-in-1 Skin Barista Secret Whitening Cream from Korea is here now!
Clear Acrylic 24 Compartments Cosmetics Holder Display Storage

4 tiers can store 24 cosmetics such as lipsticks, cosmetic brushes, mascara, nail polish etc.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

ZENZENDREAM Happy Women's Day + 18% OFF on Everything!

" A woman is just like a tea bag. You will never know how strong she is until she gets dipped into a hot water."

Hello Loves, Happy Women's Day !

To celebrate women’s day, send yourself, your mom, sister, wife or girlfriend and other special women in your life any of the beauty items to save their day? :)

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Evacarma Cup Modelling Pack (Birdnest)

Adding in water and A Cup the modelling mask can really save your day! Comes in 3 flavours - BIRDNEST, ICE COOL & CHARCOAL!
Miss Moter Matcha & Milk Hand Wax 200ml

May use up to 30 times! Allow your #hand and #foot hydrated and moisturised all the time.

Can be used on feet too!


Sunday, 28 February 2016

Easy Creating 3 Different Looks with LashPOP False Eyelashes - SUNDAESINS x ZENZENDREAM

Hello Loves, 
New video is up now! 

"Is putting on same makeup driving you mad? "
"Wonder how false eyelashes changes your world? "
SUNDAESINS will show you the easiest way to create 3 different looks to get GUYS :)
Shop the secret weapons and beauty hack now in ZENZENDREAM.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Hands Soft like Princess - Miss Moter Matcha & Milk Hand Wax back in store now !


Do your both hands soft like #princesses?
How long didn't you taking care and pamper your fingers and hands? 
  • Regenerate skin cells & nourish the skin leaving your #hands hydrated and moisturized.
  • Soften and soothe skin, most often on the hands and feet, and sometimes on arms!

    May also use up to more than 30 times!
  • Allow your #hand and #foot hydrated and moisturised at all time!

Get the Matcha & Milk Hand Wax now in 200ml (huge in size!) HERE 

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Miss Moter Matcha & Milk Hand Wax 200ml
All Day Cheese Hand Cream 50ml

Perfect Eye Makeup Ideas With Using only 3 Beauty Items - ZENZENDREAM

Hello Loves, Trust me, 
creating this look you would just need followings items ! 
Get ready to turn heads and raise a few eyebrows from your colleagues, bffs, or your boyfie, hehe
Click into the images below and it will lead to product page .
Enjoy, x! 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Rose Crown Rose Firming Bright Mask available now in ZENZENDREAM !

Hey beautiful, We brought in this Rose Crown Rose Firming Bright Mask in store now! 
  • It perfectly moisture and boost energy to your skin by helping it produce healthier skin cells to promote firmer skin.
  • Hydrates and tones the complexion to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types. 
  • Nourishes dull, tired, sensitive skin and tighten pores! 

Launching Promotion now! Promo price now RM 15.90/pcs only. (Retail Price at RM23.00/pcs)

Bulk discounts available :)
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Rose Crown Rose Firming Bright Mask
24K Gold-Plated Face Massager