Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack - 12 Hour Lasting

5:39 pm

Are you trying hard to look for lasting lip tint get  that inviting look??
Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack is a type of lip tint mask that is lifted or peeled from the skin when dry.
It’s proved that it can last for 12 Hours !

CheatSheet 1: Pick the right lip color
Learning how to apply lip color perfectly starts with learning how to choose the right lip color.
Women with darker skin tones prefer deep red, wines and other rich shades. Women with a lighter skin tone prefer pinks, coral, orange and peach.

CheatSheet 2 : Use the lip tint
This Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack will give your lip color a stable base so you can be less worried about your lip color wearing off during the day. If you are a woman on the run, working 9 to 5, then using the this lip tint will work wonders for you!

CheatSheet 3 ; Apply lip tint
Make sure that you stretch your lips before you start. Begin by applying lip color at the center and the work your way towards the sides.

CheatSheet 4 : Give the perfect finishing
The final step in learning how to apply lip color is to add those little touches to accentuate your lips whenever you need. If you are preparing for a fancy date or a formal dinner, you may want to apply a shiny lip gloss to make your lips shine J You know how!

Darlings, you’re on your way to get great lips! Get those luscious lips now!


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