Create Love at First Sight Makeup Look with Lumi x ZENZENDREAM

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#LumiMake : Lumi's Love at First Sight Makeup Tutorial :

Love at First Sight Makeup Tutorial - Lumi x Zenzendream
Lumi is going on her first date ever and she wants to look good but just how does she create the perfect look to make her date fall in love with her at first sight? She has bags under her eyes and her hair is a mess. Well, it’s easy. This is how she turns into a star on this beautiful night using products that are available at Malaysia One-Stop beauty online store- ZENZENDREAM.

First, she cleans and dries her face then she applies the Milatte Fashion Eye Mask gently around her eyes. The eye mask diminishes eye zone problem like dark eye circles, eye bags and wrinkles. Not only that, it brightens and whitens the skin and its dual function ensures revitalization and nourishment of the eye zone. The mask must stay on for 10-20min to allow the essence to absorb into skin so in the meantime, she moves on to the next step.

Next, Lumi combs her hair with the Korea Eyecandy Rainbow Volume S Brush to detangle her hair. She loves using this brush because it makes an ‘air-hole’ in the hair, creating natural, abundant hair volume. What makes this brush special is that it gently protects the scalp because its soft comb reduces friction, giving the hair a silkier and voluminous outcome.

In order to create loose, shiny curls in a jiffy, Lumi quickly grabs her Japan Tsuyagla Triple Barrel Curling Iron. She wraps her hair on the triple barrel curling iron, one small section at a time, then she compresses the iron shut and holds for 6-8 seconds without letting the iron touch the scalp. A few minutes later, she has a head full of shiny, loose wavy hair! Now that her hair is done, she unmasks and applies eye serum after the eye mask to obtain a perfect result.

For perfect eye makeup, Lumi makes use of the 88 Warm Colour Eyeshadow Palette. This comes with highly pigmented shades, especial a wide range of wearable nudes, rich browns, and soft blues. The eye shadow palette is perfect for any skin tone and has a combination of matte and satiny finish that can be applied dry or wet using the dual end foam tip applicators included or any eye shadow brush. These eye shadows are very silky and go on very smooth. Lastly, the palette has a great size for storing and traveling. What more could a girl want!?

Now that makeup is done, there is just one more thing left on her checklist and that is refreshing her hair. Lumi shakes her Batiste Dry Shampoo vigorously, keeps the nozzle about 30cm from hair as she sprays into roots, massages through with her fingertips, brushes and styles her hair. She swears by her dry shampoo because it banishes oily roots, giving dull, lifeless hair the makeover it needs without any water, instantly refreshing hair. On top of that, it is easy to use and gives hair a quick burst of revitalization, adding body and texture to hair, leaving it feeling clean and fresh.
With everything done just under a few minutes, she is ready to go and have fun on her special night.

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