Nap PIllow That Helps You Nap Anywhere Anytime!

3:25 pm

Power napping is refreshing and good for you!
However, laying your hard head down on your equally hard desk is so uncomfortable. We have now taking in this awesome pillow for ZENZENDREAM customers!

What is NAP PILLOW? 

Allows you to grab your easy power naps anytime, everywhere - offers a cosy and comfortable power nap at ease.
The Fun Part of NAP PILLOW?  It turns your head into a pillow !

That’s how the NAP PILLOW came to life.
An opening for the mouth and nose to breathe and holes on each side to rest your hands or keep them warm.

How does it work?

It is simply straight forward - you just need to slip it on your head and voila! You are isolated to sleep (like an ostrich!), dream (sometimes dream comes true!) or even just think(Peaceful-nya) and relax. :)

You can now take a comfortable power nap in the office, travelling or wherever you want.
Get One Now here: Nap Pillow - Office Sleeping Neck Protecting Nap Headrest


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