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Earn Money Online Easily by Affiliate With US! :)

Signup as an affiliate with us to promote great products and get paid every two weeks to your bank account, PayPal, or via check.
Anyone can be an affiliate, even if you have no website or blog. 

Sign Up Now to Become ZENZENDREAM's Partner!
Your Benefit:
  • Do not hestitate, it is FREE! No experienced required too :)
  • Earn money easily! 
For each transaction that runs through your website, you will be paid a sales commission(5%).
  • Sales will be verified within 10 days after receipt of the order.
  • 5% for any sales order (with 30 days cookie).
  • This means that once someone clicks through from your site to ZENZENDREAM.COM product landing page, as long as he/she purchases something within 30 days from that first click, the sale will be attributed to you. .
  • All commissions are recorded in your ZENZENDREAM Affiliate Account so you can check your performance easily.
  • Now you don't have to wait months for individual affiliate programs to pay you.
    With ZENZENDREAM, you are paid every two weeks by the payment method of your choice - PayPal, bank transfer or check.

    Additionally, we pay you in RM so you don't have to wait weeks or months to see real money in your bank account.
  • We are happy to provide newsletter templates on request on top of the regular text links, banners and product feeds.
  • Get easy access to banners and promotional tools that you can use on your blog or website.
  • Rapid and support from the ZENZENDREAM Crew if you have any question on affiliate partnership.

How it Works?

How much money can I earn?
  1. For each transaction that from your website, you will be paid a sales commission.
    Profit of 5% per order.
    Eg: Mr.A purchase order of total RM150 , you will paid commission of RM7.50
    Sales will be verified within 10 days after receipt of the order).
How can I participate?
  1. Apply for the ZENZENDREAM affiliate partner program  (Apply Here) .
  2. We will then review your application and accept you on to our program.(T&C Please View)
  3. Choose from our selection of advertising media after we approved your affiliate application ,
    select the ones that are most suitable for you and integrate into your website.
    Any inquiries, ZENZENDREAM crew is happy to assist you.
  4. Making money is that easy now! 

Portals / Channels to Advertise
1) For Bloggers:

2) Other Methods:

You might using short, distinctive text links that encourage users to click and spark their interest in buying.
Here are a few examples:
  1. Buy teddy bears at ZENZENDREAM.COM ! 
  2. Order in ZENZENDREAM- online shopping without hassle! 
  3. Discover the wide selection of creative gift/ homeliving item here!

Materials /  Banners Provided in Affiliate Login (Only Accesseable For Affiliate)
  • You may choose from a selection of our ZENZENDREAM advertising banner in the Affiliate Login.
  • Attracts your target audience and display it in a clearly visible position on your website.
  • You know your customer well, so you are able to choose a banner that fits your target.
  • Eg: a banner for Make-Up Tools will only achieve success on a website frequently visited by women, vise versa

Who can I contact?
Any inquiries regarding the ZENZENDREAM affiliate program or any valueable ideas or suggestions on our program,
Please feel free to contact us by email to

Sign up Here : Affiliate Register (
Affiliate Login : Affiliate Login (

Terms & Condition (How We Revise the Affiliate):
  • No direct on the ZENZENDREAM homepages because we unable to trace the leads if the customer are not redirected to our landing pages
    (must direct them from the page u promote)
  • Email restrictions: all the test-mail on our product must be approved by ZENZENDREAM before broadcasting it.
  • No adult sites, torrent, movie sites, abusive sites are restricted.

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