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We must admit that we – women continuously buy more and more make up and then are eventually overwhelmed by great amount of cosmetics that we have. Every girl knows such situation when her drawers are filled with shadows and liners that she forgot about and does not use. Also, our counter tops in our bathrooms tend to be over run with moisturizers and bronzers. It can be somewhat frustrating to never know where a certain product or item is, and when a bathroom is constantly messy it can be stressful. So, there are a few solutions that can be made in order to help correct and organize the chaos of the make-up drawers.

1) Get rid of unnecessary make-up

First go to your messy bathroom and re-organize it! Get rid of those tubes and bottles with unknown substances from the last century! This action will help you to make your task much easier.

2) Sort the drawers into categories

So, you have gone through and cleaned out the products that needed to be thrown away, right? Now sort them into categories and start the organization process. Categories can be those that work best for you, such as shadows and eyeliners, blushes and powders, and lotions and creams. Once you have organized into categories, you can then figure out the actual makeup storage. If you have drawers set aside for makeup, you can put your products into those. Drawer separators and organizers which you can buy to place into the actual drawers. These will give you different compartments and help keep things separated.

3) Purchase make up storage containers

If you do not have any drawer space, you can choose to buy make up storage containers. These can be found in all shapes and sizes, at many retail stores close to you. There are professional makeup cases which can hold a mind blowing amount of make up products neatly and securely. A case can also be stored under the sink, your bed, or in a corner of the bathroom to be out of the way. You can also opt to buy plastic organizational drawers which can be stored under your sink as well, or on the corner of your counter top. These drawers come in all sizes and varieties, allowing you the opportunity to customize your makeup storage needs.

4) Keep it clean

Makeup can get messy easily so be sure and keep makeup remover or baby wipes nearby. It smells like citrus scented turpentine but it works! Make a habit of wiping your products down and keeping them organized. Straighten up on a lazy Sunday to clean up after the busy weekend and prepare for the week ahead.

5) All the extras

To make applying your makeup even more painless and efficient keep the following items close by: makeup remover wipes, garbage can, Q-tips, coffee filters, rubbing alcohol, pencil sharpeners, tweezers, tissues, velour puffs, hair ties and clips. The aforementioned steps may look like a lot but it will help keep your makeup necessities clean and organized and get you out the door faster. Or allow you to sleep in longer.

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